The Guy’s Grape 5 HangOver Ingredients

Nothing is worse than a harsh hang over which doesn’t seem to end. While the world hadn’t found a set cure for a hang over such as a pill, drink, or medicine, The Guy’s Grape has a recommended recipe to prevent hang-overs the night prior.

When drinking a solid amount of alcohol, the body is becoming consistently dehydrated and deprived of necessary nutrients the body needs to function. Due to this problem, The Guy’s Grape created, tested, and solved to help a problem become “less of a problem.” This is not a cure but proven to cut down your hang-over cure by at least 50% on pain.

The ingredients MUST be taken the night of (prior to sleeping). We call this a “preventive hang-over cure.”

Ingredients (For Men Only):

After taking the above in no specific order, enjoy a goods night rest, and once you awake, open another bottle of water and down it.

You may still feel a bit off, but the recipe above is guaranteed to help prevent a horrible hang over.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

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