What Wine to Drink While Vacationing in the Caribbean

IberoStar Cancun

The Guy’s Grape is in Cancun this weekend, and after 3 days, we’ve determined our best recommendation for wine in Mexico.

It can get pretty hot down here and often humid, but what’s to complain about, it’s paradise! You find yourself a nice glass of chilled, crisp, and refreshing vino, and you have yourself a little piece of heaven. Mexican food can have a bit of spice involved, so a Tempranillo, Garnacha, Albariño, Mencia, or even a peppery Malbec plays it part down here.

The most important ingredient, temperature. Some of the wines mentioned above can be medium to full bodied wine, and nothing is worse than a heavy hot wine in Mexico…

Here are the top five grapes to be consumed in Mexico:

  1. Tempranillo
  2. Albariño
  3. Garnacha
  4. Red Sangria
  5. Xarelo-lo (common Grape used in cava)

Hoping our readers enjoy our recommendations!


Question? Comments?

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