Out with the Old, In with the New: Virgin Voyages – A New Way to Cruise

Right when we thought cruise ships were becoming exclusively for the older audience, who buy the all-inclusive Yellow Tail wine package, Richard Branson releases a state of the art, adults only party cruise.

Typical cruises, which are known to attract a similar persona of “cruisers,” will definitely change with the innovation Virgin Voyages is bringing to the game. Many people were surprised by the release of a cruise line under the “Virgin” brand, but it seems to us as a natural progression from aviation, trains, and hotels.

The name of the first (of three) cruise ships being launched in 2021 in named Scarlet Lady, which has a rock star theme to it.

Virgin Voyages is changing the way people cruise with over 20 food and bar locations. There will be no dining halls nor “formal” attire anywhere. The selection of wine and alcohol will be a diverse one, fitting to anyone’s liking on board.

Booking starts Feb 14, so get your reservations quick!


The Guy’s Grape

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