Supreme Court to Rule Over Wine Sales and Distribution Laws for the 2nd Time since Prohibition

1/16/18 – Today, for the second time in 85 years, the Supreme Court will rule over wine laws which were created after prohibition, which could change wine sales and distribution forever.

The upcoming case started when giant-chain Total Wine & More applied to a location in Tennessee. The state had a law that all retailers must reside in the state prior to opening a store. Total is now going after the state which has reached the Supreme Court level.

The lawsuit will help determine whether if current wine conditions are fair on how wine is distributed throughout the US. This case will also potentially give the same shipping rights to retailers as wineries in the US. (Shipping laws on wine are currently run at the state level)

There is a lot to come on this major potential shake-up within the wine industry. Stayed tunes on today’s word from the Supreme Court.


The Guy’s Grape

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