Top 5 Wine Choices for the Perfect First Date


Bumble, Tinder, Grindr,… All incredible places to accomplish half the battle – getting your foot in the door with a person of interest. Getting your foot in the door is half the battle, the other half is on YOU.

The below are The Guy’s Grape recommendations on wines that will not fail you on your first date. Nothing is worse than ordering a bottle of wine, and it sucks, is warm, and taste like the red “cherry” medicine our moms force fed us when we were sick. The worse part of ordering a bad bottle of wine on a first date is that you look bad if you choose it … and then you have to act like you enjoy it.

Here are some wines you typically can’t go wrong with:

1. Chianti – typically on every wine list. It isn’t too bold or light and has a neutral balance to it which goes with a lot of meals!

  • CAUTION: If your date says she like sweet, do not choose a Chianti. This grape typically runs quite dry.

2. Pinot Noir – light, fruit forward and typically has a nice soft, light cherry finish.

  • CAUTION: Pinot Noir is such a common pick that it might come across as “non-adventurous” or vanilla.

3. Rioja – If you know that first date likes spicy food, and/or they are a bit more of the adventurous type, you can’t go wrong with a Rioja.

  • CAUTION: Rioja’s are typically Dry and Spicy with a bold body. It could be considered a risky choice. If the date is typical valley girl or a basic, not a good choice.

4. Sancerre – Crisp, green apple, with a soft finish is very good for seafood and if the date is a fan of white. If the date typically likes Sav Blanc but is looking to try something else, I would recommend a Sancerre.

  • CAUTION: Some Sancerre’s can be a bit tart with an over-bearing grapefruit/green apple taste. If you can try first, highly recommend asking

5. Albarino – Similar to the Rioja but for white. This an outstanding alternative for a crisp white with a twist.

  • CAUTION: None

Hoping this helps everyone going on their first date and how to choose the right wine!


The Guy’s Grape


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