Glass of Wine or Protein Shake…You Decide


You finish your workout. Whether it is leg day, upper body day, or just cardio, you are exhausted, sweaty, and ultimately, dreading the taste of an artificial post-workout protein shake. Is there any way around plugging your nose and chugging that disgusting shake? I believe there is. The answer: WINE.

A glass or two of wine can actually be beneficial after a workout. This is great news for our wine lovers, especially those, like myself, still trying to craft their “summer beach bodies”. Hydration is still key after a workout, but here are four surprising benefits of wine that help you post-sweat.

1)      According to a study produced by the European Society of Cardiology, a glass or two of wine after an intense workout can decrease cholesterol levels and in turn, help prevent cardiovascular disease, as long as you workout at least twice a week. 

2)      Wine can actually help to stop the growth of fat cells, only if exercise is involved. According to studies produced by University of Nebraska and University of Florida, wine, specifically red wine, helps to decrease the production of fat cells, while increasing one’s metabolism. One must still workout, as wine does not burn current fat cells, but when these fat cells are shed, wine will help keep them from growing back.

3)      After a workout, drinking a glass of wine can provide motivation for us for the next workout. Let me explain. Both wine and working out produce endorphins within our brain cells. When combined in a sequence, such as working out and having a glass shortly afterwards, these endorphins will instill a memorable experience in us and will want to be replicated. So have that glass of wine after your workout, it just might motivate you to continue shaping your body in the gym!

4)      Even professional athletes believe wine can help post workout. Don’t believe me? Just ask NBA superstar and wine enthusiast Lebron James. Lebron James drinks wine every day, whether it is after a workout, practice, or game. In a recent interview, James stated, “I’ve heard it’s good for the heart. Listen, I’m playing the best basketball of my life, and I’m drinking some wine pretty much every day. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.”

There are mixed theories about this topic. But in my opinion, if a glass or two of delicious wine has even the slightest evidence of a benefit post workout, I’ll believe it.


The Guy’s Grape

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