“Toes in the Sand, Wine in my Hand”…Best Wines to Enjoy on the Beach


Sun tans (or sometimes sunburns), the soothing crashing sounds of the waves, and the soft sand flowing through your toes are parts of the best attractions for beach vacations. I recently went on a weekend trip to the Jersey Shore and enjoyed the relaxing time away from work. In the early afternoon as the sun beamed down on my family and me, I was hit with the urge to have a refreshing, fruit-filled wine.

The heat wave of summer has hit us in full force, and with the vacation month of August right around the corner, here are my three favorite suggestions of wine for a nice, refreshing glass (or bottle of course) while relaxing on the beach.
Sauvignon Blanc – This wine is great choice for a refreshing white wine while enjoying the beach atmosphere. This white wine tends to have a fruity taste to it, filled with apple, grapefruit, pineapple, or lemon, with crispness and thirst quenching traits. The average price of a solid Sauvignon Blanc tends to be around $10-$24.
Rosé – Most Rosé wines are a mix of the fruity taste of a white wine with the compliments of the strong body of a red wine. Rosé is a great summer wine, especially on the beach! Most rosés allow you to have that refreshment of a white wine while enjoying a great amount of unique tastes within every sip. You can find wonderful rosés in California and especially France (specifically Provence).
Prosecco – Give your beach vacation some bubbly. Prosecco is an easy to drink wine, but with some fizzle. The main features of most bottles of Prosecco is green apple, melon, and pear. This wine is a great taste with some sparkling refreshments during any beach trip. One cannot go wrong with any Prosecco from Italy (specifically Treviso).

I hope you all enjoy my wine suggestions for your beach vacation trips!

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