Teachers, Free Chipotle May 8th! Here’s 4 Wine’s to Pair with a Burrito

Shout-out from Chipotle to Teachers on May 8th with a free (late) lunch starting from 3pm until close. The Guy’s Grape recommends making the late lunch a dinner and pairing it with these grapes below!

Before we go into wine pairing recommendations with Chipotle, here’s what you need to know about the May 8th free lunch:

  • Starts at 3pm on May 8th
  • May 8th is Teacher’s Appreciation Day
  • Bring your faculty ID card
  • The offer includes anyone that works at an elementary school, middle-school, high-school, community college, or university
    • This does include non-teachers
  • The deal is a BOGO – Buy One, Get One

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.12.23 PM

Now, Check out these awesome 4 wine pairing’s with a Chipotle Burrito!

1/ Steak – Tempranillo (Rioja Crianza) or Malbec

2/ Carnitas – Pinot Noir or Viogner

3/ Chicken – Pinot Gris (Oregon), Sav Blanc or Rose

4/ Vegetarian – Pinot Gris or Albarino


Want ideas for more pairings? Feel free to DM us on Twitter @TheGuysGrape

Cheers and Enjoy!

– The Guy’s Grape


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