Fact or Fiction – Is My Wine Corked?


Each wine has such a unique smell, but how do you know if its corked? Wait…What the hell is corked?

Corked wine is when the cork pollutes the wine changing the smell, taste, and experience of the wine. When most people hear of a corked wine, their immediate knee-jerk reaction is to avoid it, abolish it, and shut themselves out from it.

Guys…It’s ok – You’re not going to get Leprosy from it. Instead of excommunicating the bottle from your table or immediately throwing it away, look at it as an opportunity. It is so important to understand if a wine has gone bad or not. Take a sip and remember the smell, usually of a damp, wet, soggy piece of cardboard (or a moldy basement). You’re not going to die from corked wine, even if you drank the whole bottle.

Now lets play a bit of fact or fiction:

  1. Once I buy a wine, even if its corked, I can’t return it.
    • Fiction: The majority of Wine Shops will refund you. In fact, a good merchant will really appreciate it to relay to their distributor.
  2. If the wine tastes like shit, it’s gotta be corked!
    • Fiction: You’re probably drinking Yellow Tail man. You pay for what you get.
  3. Before opening, the cork is pushed slightly out of the bottle
    • Fact: If the cork is a bit out of the bottle, there is a high chance the bottle has over heated and has expanded within the bottle.
  4. The wine is Brown so I feel it’s corked.
    • Fact: Don’t over think it. Would you drink brown water? If the wine is brown it means it’s past-due. You should always check for this when your drinking whites.
  5. It is a once in a lifetime experience to buy/order a bottle that’s corked.
    • Fiction: More common than you think – 5% of bottles are corked. If you drink a 100 bottles this year with a cork top, 5 of them could be bad. Stay on your toes!


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